At Little Light Midwifery families are given responsible, individualized, and evidence-based midwifery care and education.

I work from the belief that when women are encouraged and celebrated, they, and those around them, flourish.  I strive to support women physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so that they are more connected to themselves, allowing them space to find the inner strength and power necessary to make important choices for themselves and their families.


At Little Light Midwifery:

  • I believe that respectful reproductive experiences have a direct and positive impact on all individuals involved, including you, your baby, your partner, your family and your larger community.  Childbirth has the potential to be a transformative event.  I believe that in order to create a more peaceful world, we must have more peaceful beginnings.

  • I believe in pregnancy and childbirth as normal, life-affirming events which, most often, can progress naturally and without unnecessary intervention

  • I believe in the mother and baby as a whole unit and we honor the symbiotic relationship between mother and baby – during pregnancy, in the immediate postpartum, and beyond.

  • I believe community, science and balance are an integral part of midwifery care. I value expertise and evidence, in addition to valuing that which cannot be  qualified or quantified. I value parental intuition and believe that all parents, utilizing both evidence and inherent intuition, decide what is best for themselves and their families.